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Skype Me?! Skype Me?!

Skype Me?! Skype Me?!

What is EMS Ads

EMS Ads was a platform to post your advertisement over our cybercafe customer. You can choose to post your advertisement at our game menu banner, which we got 3 different banner size and place you can choose. It can be an interactive swf file, that can attract more to your customer. Also, you can post your advertisement as wallpaper and lock screen of the computer. One more place you can advertise, was the browser first page. You can choose different section to advertise product, to archieve you more profit.

For game company, can give their game more priority by highlight them on top of all available games.

How will EMS Ads benefits you?
  • Ads services are a great way to reach out to specific target groups or to increase brand awareness. We promote goods, services, ideas and events to help in increasing your sales and to maximize your profit.