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Skype Me?! Skype Me?!

Skype Me?! Skype Me?!


IBR-720四WAN全千M网吧智能路由器,适用300台机器以下的网吧,采用19寸大铁壳,内置电源,128M内存,8M闪存,固态电容,防雷设计,支持10,0000个联机数,采用WayOS动态智能带宽管理功能,只需设置好您实际带宽,就可以轻松解决BT、迅雷、 电驴、QQ直播等P2P占用带宽问题,支持维盟第二代智能QOS,网吧进程客户端,P2P管理等功能,为维盟网吧系列高速智能路由器代表作。

IBR-720 is a 4 WAN 1000 M cafes intelligent router for less than 300 machines, Internet cafes, with 19 inch Tieke, built-in power supply, 128M memory, 8M flash memory, solid capacitors, lightning protection design, support 10,0000 onlinenumber, using WayOS dynamic intelligent bandwidth management capabilities, simply set your actual bandwidth, you can easily solve the problems of P2P bandwidth BT, Thunder, eMule, QQ live, and support for the Wayos second-generation smart QOS with the cafes process clientP2P management capabilities, high-speed smart cafes of the Wayos series routers masterpiece.

Multi-WAN (wide area network) access
Can simultaneously access the 2 wan, Support ADSL, LAN, fiber and other mixed-mode. Multi-WAN access can be achieved: Bandwidth overlay: Simultaneous access to four WAN, using the tools of multi-threaded, can reach the speed of the network superposed. 2, line backup: a main circuit, a standby line. When the main line dropped the spare line replacement work, ensure smooth network. 3, route diversity: can be based on source IP, destination IP, source port, destination port, domain names, line allocation or in accordance with the number of Internet users automatically allocated toward. 4, Policy routing: can access to multi telecommunications provider. Support policy routing capabilities, to address different Internet provider embarrassment. Process management
Wayos the world's most important process management capabilities, mainly used in the ISP dual or more ADSL Internet cafes, businesses, residential and other environments. 1, can be allocated according to computer process or the installer directory, the specified program (games, P2P program) to distribute traffic to the specified line. Ensure the normal operation of the specified program. As we all know, the game is actually the bandwidth demand is not large, the upload and download 3-10K only. But he required to be stabilized. While the use of the function of the process of strategy to the game process can be assigned to a stable line, to ensure the stability of the game at the same time, to save bandwidth, to save costs, improve competitiveness. 2, each process of the client on each computer, the speed limit, the effective management of each process in the network, saving bandwidth resources at the same time ensure that the network of high-speed smooth. 3, effective control by the access control rules for each process within the local area network access to the network at any time prohibit any application in the LAN, Internet cafes are not worried about peer-to-peer in companies. Second-generation intelligent speed limit QoS

The Wayos unique intelligent speed limiter, only need to choose a good WAN bandwidth, the device according to the network usage, and from time to time to optimize bandwidth resources, to ensure the game no lag, smooth pages.
1, the effective inhibition of the P2P programs, online video and other bandwidth consuming, to ensure the smooth flow of normal services. 2, to improve bandwidth utilization, and ensure the web pages, e-mail and other office procedures on the use of networks in the enterprise. 3, in accordance with the time to upload and download bandwidth to specify the IP management. 4, support bandwidth guarantee. VPN server Support the function of the VPN by line, your network anytime, anywhere you can Imagine dual-network, the perfect solution to the different ISP.