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Skype Me?! Skype Me?!

Skype Me?! Skype Me?!


EMS proudly present the online game AUTO UPDATE solutions.

For Cybercafe industry, there is a need always update your games. It is a never ending work for updating patches, downloading new games and more. However, with EMS DISKLESS Auto Update feature, there is NO WORRY of update.

  • Latest High Speed P2P Downloading, Outstanding Performance, Stable and Reliable

  • Simultaneously update up to 5 games,reduce the chance of stuck at large update game

  • Will tell you how big the size of the update and how long till it done

  • No need to worry about download speed limit set by ISP and other powerful features

  • No Windows file corrupt / registry error during update

You can enjoy your holiday or breaktime for the rest of the day, hassle free for all online game update!