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Easy Management System

EMS Diskless is a solution to host virtual hard disk over network. The client PC can boot Windows XP or Windows 7, and share all programs installed on the server images via network. There is no need for physical hard disk to be preset on local client computer. Diskless is a server based network wherein the software applications and programs are stored in a server. This set-up is ideal for small to large networked environment industries such as schools, training centers, College & University, Hotels, cybercafés and offices.

The main hurdle of technicians and administrators is always on the maintenance and troubleshooting of their networked PCs.

  • Program updates to all networked PCs

  • Troubleshooting PCs

  • Hardware deterioration and replacements

  • Virus protection and removal

  • System backup

  • Windows and files protection

  • Prevent network from ARP attack

  • Updating important applications and programs as well as games

  • Operation system backup multiple drivers for single boot image or multiple boot image with different language OS.

  • Programs / Applications / Games / Windows Update to only a single PC easy maintain & easy checking client hardware problem

  • Build in recovery software with multiple restore point

However, using EMS Diskless allows you to save your investment in Hard Disks and other necessary programs such as anti-virus software as well as lessens your electricity consumption in the long run.

Easy Management System supports diverse client PC specification (multiple motherboards, graphic cards, sound, etc.) and multiple windows and OS versions in the server.

EMS is very simple. There is a server, a switch hub and client PCs making a very simple network of PCs. The server is connected to a switch wherein all the PCs are connected. Upon turning on the client PC instead of the usual boot setup that comes from the hard disk, the boot sequence will be handled by EMS server. The speed of processing is much faster compared to a client that has a hard disk because we are using “Boot-on-LAN” technology which ensures fast processing on the client’s end.

An EMS server can vary depending on the client’s specifications. It can range from a small business environment of 10 clients or can go up to 500 clients.