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WQR-2000是维盟科技针对中大型网吧、出租屋、企业而设计的突出管理功能的双WAN智能路由器。采用高性能网络处理器,支持60,000个联机数,标准带机250台以内。该设备具有64M高速内存,长时间高负载运作稳定可靠。支持2个广域网络WAN端口、3个局域网LAN端口,采用WayOS动态智能带宽管理功能,只需设置好您实际带宽,就可以轻松解决BT、迅雷、 电驴、QQ直播等P2P占用带宽问题。具备强效防火墙功能,有效防止各种DDOS攻击,确保网络安全。支持PPTP/L2TP服务器功能,自带10条隧道,支持即插即用上网功能,具备网址黑白名单、QQ黑白名单功能,其高性能、双WAN接入配合维盟智能QoS长时间运行稳定可靠,得到不少大型网吧业主信赖。

WQR-2000 is Wayos specific for large-scale Internet cafes, rental, enterprise management features designed to highlight the intelligent dual-WAN router. High-performance network processors to support the number of 60,000 on-line, standard belt drive 250 or less. The device has a 64M high-speed memory, a long stable and reliable high-load operation. Supports two wide-area network WAN port, LAN 3 LAN ports, the use of WayOS dynamic intelligent bandwidth management feature, simply set up your actual bandwidth, you can easily solve the BT, Thunder, eMule, QQ and other P2P broadcast bandwidth problem. Have a powerful firewall, prevent all kinds of DDOS attacks, to ensure network security. PPTP/L2TP server support function, built 10 tunnels, supports Plug & Play Internet access, with web site black list, QQ black list function, and its high-performance, dual-WAN access with intelligent QoS long-running EU-dimensional stable and reliable, Internet cafe owners get a lot of trust.

Multi-WAN (wide area network) access
Can access 2 line which support ADSL, LAN, fiber and other mixed-mode. Multiple WAN access can be achieved:
1, the bandwidth of overlay: simultaneous access to two wide area network, using multi-threaded tool, you can reach superposed network speed.
2, line backup: a main line, one for the back line. Dropped when the main line, the secondary line replacement work to ensure smooth network.
3, line shunt: can be based on source IP, destination IP, source port, destination port, or domain name for the line assigned automatically assigned based on the number of Internet users go.
4, policy routing: can access to different operators. Support policy routing PPPoE / Web authentication server
Supports PPPoE / Web authentication, users within the network operating system or the PPPoE dialing to connect to the router WEB certification online.

PPPoE Server advantages:
1, network management: the specified account by giving each user to effectively manage user network access.
2, Broadband Billing: billing for each account management, support expiration reminders, online query and modify user passwords and other features that make operation more intelligent community.
3, anti ARP spoofing: Only PPPoE dial-up, the complete elimination of the internal network users to modify the IP address, MAC address and other information, valid ARP packets out of trouble, solve the network, the vast majority of network problems such as IP spoofing.
4, Web authentication: the user account to access the network by specifying, for cafes, hotels and other public places, at the same time as the network billing can be achieved publicity. Employees in the enterprise can be used as access rights management.

Intelligent speed QoS
Wayos unique intelligent features speed, only need to choose a good wide area network bandwidth, network equipment based on usage, optimize bandwidth resources from time to time to ensure that no lag games, web fluid.
1, the effective inhibition of P2P programs, online video and other bandwidth resource consumption, to ensure the smooth flow of normal service.
2, to improve bandwidth utilization in the enterprise to ensure that web, mail and other office procedures for use of the network.
3, can be specified according to the time of upload and download bandwidth of IP management.
4, support bandwidth guarantee function.

Internet behavior management
Effective management of employees within the enterprise network access privileges, improve work efficiency.
1, URL site classification, the classification of various types of web site management, and designated users access to specific sites within the specified time
2, URL black list, so that employees can only access during working hours of job-related sites, improve work efficiency while avoiding the poisoning probability.
3, QQ black list, so that enterprises can work specified in Customer Service QQ landing.
4, P2P program management, and how 21 kinds of P2P programs, online video, chat management.
5, access control permissions for specific departments only have access to the internal network and e-mail, disable access INTELNET
6, multi-subnet isolation, so that different departments are separated, to avoid disclosure of confidential data and transmission of the virus

Plug and Play Internet
Plug and Play, Plug and Play is enabled on the device after the user within the network without changing any settings, both within the network that the user's IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS server how to change, are available through This equipment online. Greatly facilitate the hotel users, business office users anytime, anywhere access to the Internet, to improve ease of network management and efficiency

Network notification function
Wayos circular feature is a special user-friendly network management capabilities, it can play a quick and powerful tool to convey information,
advertising effectiveness, especially for enterprise management can convey important information to the staff notice (notice of instant information, problems of communication or temporary decision notice of the meeting, etc.), hotel occupancy to remind guests of note (such as meal times and types of real-time traffic information, etc.), residential real-time public information notices (such as public information on the activities and typhoons, and other instant cold weather information, etc.), the legalization of Internet business (Prohibition of minors online, block access to illegal websites warning information, etc.).

Support site turned, turned in a specified time period to the specified site, to achieve the above results.

VPN server
PPTP/L2TP server and client support functions, so that enterprises in different regions of the department at any time to access the corporate LAN ERP, CRM, corporate offices and other systems to improve efficiency. Employees who travel outside the operating system can be built through dial-up function, through private channels anytime, anywhere secure access to internal network, access to appropriate resources.